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How can I purge old session preview data?

This should happen automatically if the staging site's app pool identity is setup correctly. In IIS you need to set the app pool identity to NETWORK SERVICE, and then give NETWORK SERVICE file system ...
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Notification for the publisher when content is not up to date in XPM

Your question is: Is there some setting that we am missing which would overcome the above scenario? The answer to that simply is: Yes you missed setting up Session Preview, i.e. you deliberately ...
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Are the Session Preview Database Credentials Required in Staging Website and OData Webservice?

Yes, and that's why in your cd_storage_conf.xml you'll find a section for the "WrapperDB". This is where you store the credentials for the session preview database. <Wrappers> <Wrapper ...
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Notification for the publisher when content is not up to date in XPM

One idea would be to implement a 'soft' notification system where somebody could get notified if a Global Component is modified and also published in any site. (ie. it's ready for prime time). The ...
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Update Preview is not working with XPM and DXA

The bindings in my web.xml was what was causing the issue with the ODATA service (a combination of how SSL termination happens in our load balancer and ODATA server). Thanks to Brandon (from SDL ...
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XPM unexpected behaviour when creating a page or updating preview

Thanks to Hiren I decided to redeploy the CU cd_storage as follows: Solution cd_storage <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ...
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Session Preview service - 403 Forbidden

The cd_ambient_conf.xml for the preview webservice was missing the preview cartridge. Adding <Cartridge File="cd_webservice_preview_cartridge.xml"/> Fixed the issue.
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XPM Update Preview issue | SDL web 8.5 with DXA 1.8

Try Troubleshooting the XPM issue by following steps: To ensure Installation done with correct Jars and version of the preview service and session-content services and register with discovery double ...
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Problem publishing content in Experience Manager

If your changes are successfully published, then your staging website should be updated, so regardless of XPM, you should be able to see the changes on your staging site. If you don't (that is what ...
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Web8 upgrade issue configuring Session Preview webservice

I find this very strange, it almost looks like you are trying to send preview content to a non preview enabled webservice. The error you are getting on the Webservice side indicates that it is using ...
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