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Content service error "PCA client returned an unexpected response" when browsing a page

these tags should not be there in graphql. The workflow is the following: templating code adds these si4t xml data within INDEX-DATA-START and END tags Deployer picks these tags, remove them from the ...
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Can you index ECL items with Search Integration 4 Tridion (SI4T)?

My take on this would be to modify SI4T templating to push data in the search. For example, if you work with any DAM, you can get in templating via API all the info you want to push to the search ...
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Publishing Failure due to Polling for notification and IOExceptions - SDL 9.6

Your Stack Trace gives a pretty clear context of the error: It happens in the SI4T (the open source Search Integration for Tridion) indexer When trying to remove items from Solr When communicating ...
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