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Enable SiteEdit for Dynamic Component Fields in SDL Tridion 2013

XPM (aka. SiteEdit) works by indexing the page for XPM markup to build a list of which Component Presentations are on the page. This indexing is done right after the HTML is loaded (similar to the ...
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Is it mandatory to un-install add on product before upgrading CMS?

Following are the list of Add-on products, compatible version and the hotfix requirements compatible with Tridion 2011 SP1. Refer HERE from upgrade documentation which details the add-ons that must ...
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How to extend submit button in Experience Manager

Editing anything other than user modifyable configuration files will indeed void your support contract. To extend functionality in the CME or XPM, you have to use the Anguilla framework. See the ...
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Tridion 2013 Site Edit don't load css in the preview on chrome

Check for Tridion hotfixes for chrome browser on the SDLtridionworld site, there are chrome hotfixes for the cms that may also apply in your case.
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Configuring Experience manager database

Your Session Preview database should definitely be separate from the normal Broker database. Although there are Session Preview specific tables (such as PREVIEW_SESSION_ITEMS and PREVIEW_SESSIONS), ...
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How to pass data from custom Popup to currently selected text editor in Tridion UI 2012 (SiteEdit)?

Not sure if this witll help you, or if you still have the problem. However I had a similar problem and found the following works in 2013 SP1. var view = $display.getView(); if (view && view....
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