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Please refer to this Link if you need more information please contact support. Hope this helps ! Please apply the following hotfix to resolve the issue Issue resolved with hotfixes: For Tridion Sites 9.0, apply CM_9.0.0.18792 and CME_9.0.0.19300.  For Tridion Sites 9.1, apply CM_9.1.0.18792 and CME_9.1.0.19300.


after investigating we found that the Java_Home was set to JRE and the path was set to JDK bin . We created a new system variable JDK_HOME and we tried the issue is fixed . Since we had set the JDK bin on the path the service was trying to look for the cert under JDK cacerts


AFAIK - This error most likely still your certificate is not correctly exported and imported to configured your SSL Keystore file in microservice. Try this below PowerShell script to export the CA certificate and generate the Keystore file using the key tool. $thumbprintNumber="2F4463A65623BAA4E5CE83EB0B91F800B0CEF327" $certficateFilePath = "D:...

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