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Tridion Web/Sites Cloud: SSO and Custom Pages

As it was not possible to have a separate application use the SAML Authentication module (see Rick's answer) I had to take a step back and re-think how my custom pages work. Because the custom pages ...
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Tridion Web/Sites Cloud: SSO and Custom Pages

IIRC, the current implementation for SAML 2.0 authentication uses ASP.NET Session State, which requires: Use of Sticky Session on your Load Balancer (to prevent the same ASP.NET Session ending up on ...
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Automatically logging out SDL Web 8 user from the CME after X hours

There will be two step process: Create javascript file which can detect idle time. Refer following link for this implementation: Detect idle time in javascript Load this javascript in ...
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Does Content Porter and Template Builder work with Single Sign On (SSO)

To set up Content Porter to work with SSO in mixed mode you need to: 1) In IIS find "SDL Tridion" Web site, for ImportExportService application and ImportExportService/Client folder in ...
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Adding users to Tridion when using SAML

The Tridion Sites OOTB Installed system UI to Search and add users will not work for SAML enabled system, because of DOMAIN ! = LDAP if you use Domain users then they are windows users, and you might ...
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SSO Enabled CMS Web 8.5 throws an error

Your error message indicates a 404 error, meaning the TTM services can't be found in IIS. Can you verify that Topology Manager is correctly installed in your environment ? Something else you might ...
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CoreService and TemplateBuilder access in SSO setup with ADFS

We did use OpenAm SSO setup for Content Manager authentication. Excluded the core services and templates from OpenAM SSO authentication and enabled LDAP authentication it works. In [Tridion-Home]\...
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