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4 votes

Problem adding new group in a specific target type

Looking at the following SDL Support article, it appears that your issue may be a bug in the product: You'll probably have to ...
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2 votes

DXA 1.7 .NET How to get Target Groups in PageModel

In DXA 1.x you can use the DD4T TBB AddTargetGroups to add Target Group Conditions to the DD4T Data Model (what Velmurugan and Harald are referring to is the DXA 2.0 equivalent of this TBB which works ...
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1 vote

Adding Target Groups to R2 Data Model

It works! I don't know what changed. I deleted and re-created the Target Groups, re-published the page, and huzzah - the extension data is present in the json. Thanks to all those who commented and ...
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1 vote

Adding Target Groups to R2 Data Model

It will only generate tags if you Create a Target Group and then Add Target group with a component presentation on the page. AddTargetGroupsModelBuilder should be updated in RenderPageContent TBBs ...
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