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After long investigation, I have found that it is not possible to differentiate them. The resolving is done pre-transaction-create. Also, there in the transaction object, there is no property saying that it is a "child" transaction.


You can use IsExistingObject to verify if the object exists, this google search shows some examples of using it: Something along these lines: if(this.Engine.GetSession().IsExistingObject(tcmUri)) { // object exists} You'd need to make sure the Tcm Uri to the object you're checking is changed ...


It depends what you need, if indeed to check whether an item exists, then it's Nuno's answer. Otherwise... I need to validate the presence of the Component in it's top Parent Publication You have a property on a Component (and other Repository Objects) which will give you the Item in the context of what you call the "top Parent Publication", see: ...

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