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publishContext.PublicationTarget.Title; is not working with razor , you can use Engine.PublishingContext.TargetType and see if you can get the target , if not create a .net Code and use it on your Component Template refer to this link for mofre details.


We looked into the SpringBoot and Tomcat versions used and we can see that the setting which controls rotation based on format is not available on 8.5. See below more details. 8.5 uses SpringBoot 1.4.7.RELEASE + Tomcat 8.5.54 9.5 uses SpringBoot 2.1.18.RELEASE + Tomcat 9.0.45 The setting in question is not available in SpringBoot 1.4.7, but it is in ...


I did a research about this. sharing my findings here. Tomcat logs grow with no enforced size limits, they roll only once per day and are never purged in Tomcat. Tomcat uses JULI logging by default, which does not provide for log file rotation based on the file size limit. The default JULI logging configuration will allow log files to grow unbounded and they ...

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