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XSLT filtering : How to apply XSLT filtering for RTF field across all the schemas in one go

If the rich text formatting options are the same across Schemas (or "schema," if @DomCronin is following) you could consider embedding the same rich text format area field and its XSLT ...
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What has become of Xopus?

It was morphed into SDL LiveContent back in 2014 I believe. At that point it was called "LiveContent Create" and you can see where it lies in the stack here:
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What has become of Xopus?

AFAIK, the Xopus browser-based XML editor was never sold separately by SDL, but used as part of what is nowadays known as SDL Tridion Docs (the Structured Content Management product). In the latest ...
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Rendering of Template is taking more time | XSLT Mediator

Seems like a tricky one to debug. In general, performance issues where "nothing has changed" is related to the database performance, and this can only be optimized by looking at database traces and ...
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