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Programming in various languages (Java, C#, VB, etc.) with a strong emphasis towards all makes and models of Java (J2EE, J2ME, J2SE). Mobile device programming in J2ME, Brew, MS Mobile, Palm, Blackberry, Symbian OS, iPhone and Android.

Considerable experience in Messaging applications such as SMS, MMS, Chat and Email and many open source solutions such as JBoss Application and Mail Server, Bugzilla, MediaWiki, WordPress, PHPBB and MySql, CVS/SVN, Asterisk and TrixBox.

Experienced Cable/TeleCom Industry VoIP/SIP engineer specializing in Broadsofts Broadworks, Sigma Service Management Platform, ACME/Oracle Packet SBC's as well as Adtran and SIP Trunks. Extremely familiar with BroadSoft web service API's and knowledgeable of Movius Mereon hard/software and API's

Considerable experience with many aspects of both the Linux/Unix world as well as Macintosh and MicroSoft whether Hardware, Network, OS software, database, programming and virtualization related.

Strong background in Network and Voice communication and Security cabling, setup and maintenance, Home automation and security systems

Have held or acted in positions of Consultancy, Web Site Design, Network and Systems Admin, Quality Assurance, Support, Project Management, Software Engineering and Home Automation/Cabling/Security

Specialties: Performing R&D and prototyping and maintenance of software for the majority of mobile devices and operating systems on the market using various languages, SDK's. Experienced in developing, maintaining and correcting Java server and client side technologies using J2ME, J2SE, J2EE, EJB as well as both Java and .Net web services. Knowledgeable in configuration and administration of a variety of Open Source software for CMS, Bug's, Forums and Blogs.

2 Years experience programming in Java for OpenShift.

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