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How to write out full Page URL in a Page Template
8 votes

A humble tip is to install and use Razor Templating, which gives you near-full access to the .NET back-end of your templates. In your case you can simply write @Publication.PublicationUrl. This can be ...

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WAIModule throwing null reference on page after configuring Profiling with Target Groups
Accepted answer
1 votes

It's been a while, but I seem to have 'solved' my issue when I started working on it again - I've opened up the Web App log file for a fresh peek and I noticed this ERROR suddenly after the CD WAI ...

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Collapse multiple publications into one publication
0 votes

You are planning to collapse three different publications into one publication? I like the idea and quite frankly very curious if this is possible (though I believe it is not, sadly). However, I am a ...

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