I have a link in my Razor template in one of these forms:

<a href="@item.link" target="_blank">@item.link_title</a>

<a href="@item.tridion_pdf" target="_blank">@item.link_title</a>

So the link & title are coming from content. item.link is just a text field to an external URL & tridion_pdf is a link to a PDF stored in Tridion. I want the user to be able to edit the link & title in Experience Manager (XPM). Is this possible? I've Experience Manager enabled images & text fields individually but not any quite like this where the fields I want to edit are within the same HTML tag structure

Any suggestions?


I think I need a clarification. This question is specifically about rendering the appropriate markup needed to enable fields for use in XPM. If, for example, I just had a simple text field in a div, I could use the following:

<div>@RenderComponentField("title", 0)</div>

That generates markup like the following, which is fine for that field.

<span><!-- Start Component Presentation: {"ComponentID" : "tcm:99-9999", "ComponentModified" : "2013-05-09T13:06:27", "ComponentTemplateID" : "tcm:99-99999-32", "ComponentTemplateModified" : "2013-05-06T13:48:54", "IsRepositoryPublished" : false } -->
    <span><!-- Start Component Field: {"XPath":"tcm:Content/custom:Content/custom:title[1]"} -->
        Sample Title

But if you look at my sample Razor-encoded links, I have 2 fields I want to edit, not just one. So what do I do here?

<a href="@item.link" target="_blank">@item.link_title</a>
  • Thanks for the clarification. This doesn't so much seem to me, now, as a Razor question as it would be an Experience Manager question. The way that you grab the field and output it to HTML won't be any different - but your question isn't really about outputting content from a field. It's that, within experience manager, you want two fields to be editable rather than one - and one of those fields is an attribute on an HTML element while the other is visible text. Is that an accurate summary of the question?
    – paceaux
    Commented May 13, 2013 at 20:10
  • Yes, that is my question. I want to edit 2 fields that are in the same HTML Element. One is text, the other is an attribute. Want I to do is allow the users to edit the links. Possible? Or Not?
    – Mr Smith
    Commented May 13, 2013 at 21:09

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is @item a field in your component?

Also, is this a TBB that's being executed in a CT for a component?

Typically, if you're trying to access fields in a component, you want to tell that to razor by using @Fields


You can also be more explicit by designating the the object:


Therefore, I'd think that this is what you want:

<a href="@Fields.tridion_pdf" target="_blank">@Fields.link_title</a>

I haven't used Razor in Experience Manager, but this is how I use Razor for good ol' fashioned page templates and component templates.

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