I have installed DXA 1.4 on Web8 (CU1). Its all working fine, and as part of development I added a bunch of baseUrls for my web app: http://localhost:1234, http://somedomain.local, http://otherdomain:1234 and so on) using Set-TtmWebsite powershell scriptlet so I can run the site from local dev env, and also access the site running on a central web server with a variety of domains and ports.

I noticed that the dynamic links resolved are not relative; they have the a domain and port prefixed on them. This is causing problems as the domain/port is always the same; http://localhost:1234, no matter what domain/port is in the URL request, this means the links are broken when I request the site from http://otherdomain:1234 (as they all point to localhost)

I gathered from the docs you can override TTM behaviour by setting OverrideDiscoveryService to true in cd_link_conf.xml and thus have all resolved links relative to the site root, rather than with a domain/port added.

I tried this but with no joy - the . In fact, the domain/port prefix used actually changed from localhost:1234 to otherdomain:1234. After making the change I ran the discover-registration.jar update and restarted the discovery, content and web applications.

So the question is how does TTM determine the domain/port used for linking, and how can I change this (either in topology manager, or how do I get it to use the configuration from cd_link_conf.xml)

Update: After restarting everything again it works, so I obviously missed something. However the question remains about if you allow TTM to configure linking, how does it work out which domain/port to use?

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    BTW: Consider installing DXA 1.5; it's Bigger, Better and Faster. ;-) Jul 13, 2016 at 17:37
  • I needed to restart the application pool for the DXA website in order for the Content service config change to kick in.
    – Jan H
    Dec 7, 2016 at 13:01

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If your website has multiple base URLs, you should indeed configure CD Linking to use relative URLs (as a matter of fact, I don't see why you would ever want to use absolute URLs).

Using absolute URLs with multiple website base URLs just won't work; CD Linking doesn't know your current context and hence can only select an arbitrary base URL.

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