I'm trying to create custom TCDL on Web8.5. I'm using RESTful broker API. Web8.5's manual describes to create TCDL, implement following interface.


I put all JAR files from install media's following folder.

Content Delivery\roles\api\rest\java\lib

But compilation error occurs, and the error says "There's no packcage com.tridion.tcdl".

Which JAR file contains the package com.tridion.tcdl.

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The jar file which contains those class files is cd_dynamic-8.5.0-1014-*.jar

try copying it from Content Delivery\roles\..... installation location and adding it to your project's class path


You can find this article for Implement custom TCDL tag on Website with RESTful Broker API on 8.5

I hope it helps.

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