I have a problem with multimedia components on my Java DXA 1.7 implementation, we have a Download list, which accepts multimedia components, by using WebComponentMetaFactory we read the component's metadata and try to read the title from there.

WebComponentMetaFactory wcf = new WebComponentMetaFactoryImpl(publicationId);
ComponentMeta componentMeta = wcf.getMeta(tcmIdComponent);
return componentMeta.getTitle();

After executing that code I will get as a result a string which seems to be the JSON path for the multimedia component


I can achieve obtaining the title of the component for other types but seems not to work for Multimedia components.


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This question might be duplicating DXA 1.7 Get Multimedia Component name And also an issue has been raised https://github.com/sdl/dxa-web-application-java/issues/73

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