I have a problem with multimedia components on my Java DXA 1.7 implementation, we have a Download list, which accepts multimedia components, by using WebComponentMetaFactory we read the component's metadata and try to read the title from there.

WebComponentMetaFactory wcf = new WebComponentMetaFactoryImpl(publicationId);
ComponentMeta componentMeta = wcf.getMeta(tcmIdComponent);
return componentMeta.getTitle();

After executing that code I will get as a result a string which seems to be the JSON path for the multimedia component


I can achieve obtaining the title of the component for other types but seems not to work for Multimedia components.


This question might be duplicating DXA 1.7 Get Multimedia Component name And also an issue has been raised https://github.com/sdl/dxa-web-application-java/issues/73

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