Using following line of code, the application on which I am working is creating resized image url.

string responsiveImageUrl = SiteConfiguration.MediaHelper.GetResponsiveImageUrl(Url, aspect, widthFactor, containerSize);

eg: mysitename/en/media/agriculture_tcm1010-123038_w320_h198_n.svg

But this image is not available, if I see remove the _w320_h198_n, the image url which is mysitename/en/media/agriculture_tcm1010-123038.svg displays an image. And this issue is only with .svg type. Is it not possible to resize an svg image or the issue is specific to SDL Tridion only?

What exactly is happening here?

  • Looks like you're using DXA.NET. Which version? Jul 31, 2019 at 6:58

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Resizing is not applicable for SVG images, since these are Scalable Vector Graphics; you don’t have to change the image to render it at any size.

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