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ADAM Digital Asset Management system is a pre-built connector for The External Content Library (ECL). This is described in the SDL Tridion 2011 online documentation here:

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DAM Connector - How to implement user management and restrict the folders for users / groups

We integrated DAM in SDL-Tridion using a DAM connector. Now the requirement is, we would like to restrict the DAM folders for users / groups in tridion. Do you have any suggestions about how to ...
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Optimized way to manages Images in SDL Web 8.5?

We are currently hosting thousands of images of different variants on our master Publication in SDL Tridion 2013. We are now planning to upgrade SDL with SDL Web 8.5 & have the following questions ...
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Which process select to remotely debug an ecl dll?

I'm using a ecl connector and have a dll. Similar to Flickr Provider. I know that TcmServiceHost process is used for the ECL. But if I want to remotelly debug my dll, Should I attach to ...
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Tridion STS certificate getting deleted from the personal store

Context We have a fully scaled architecture where CM and Publisher servers are separate. We use the aDAM Tridion connector for connecting with aDAM for digital assets via the connector and the ECL ...
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