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When using the Release Manager Extension for Tridion 2011 will the Content Porter move releases when porting content between environments?

We are looking into the ReleaseManager extension for Tridion 2011. If we create a release named ABCD_1234 in our Dev environment and use import/export in RM, will we have that same release name in ...
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8 votes
1 answer

ReleaseManager extension security requirements

We are using SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 with a DTAP setup. Content porter plays a significant role in our day-to-day operations. The 2013 Bundles concept will help us solve most our issues. In the current ...
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13 votes
1 answer

How can Content Porter be automated to move commonly changed items between environments?

I know there is a command line interface to Content Porter. Can this be used to move commonly changed items (e.g. CSS or Javascript) between say a DEV and TEST environments? I have managed to get a ...
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16 votes
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Developing Page/Component Template Designs through Visual Studio

As you all know working with Tridion can sometimes be time consuming when it comes to creating page templates, component templates etc. Is there a way possibly using WebDav to develop Tridion Page ...
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