In my newsletter there is a link "view in browser". I want the same web page url on click of this link from which newsletter is created. Like I have published web pages which name are mysite/email.aspx and mysite/email1.aspx,... Each page has common header component. Header Component has a link name like "view in browser". if I click on email1's newsletter "view in browser" link then it should open this page mysite/email.aspx on web. Now how can I got the same url of web page in email in the href of "view in browser" link. Is there any predefined dwt method for this. Please help.


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Check Alvin's answer in the post mentioned by Peter: How to do 'View in Browser' functionality in personalized outbound email ? Any ideas please share

You have a couple of options:

  1. you can hardcode the url in the page template html (not ideal) or it can be hardcoded in a newletter page metadata field.
  2. add a C# TBB to:

    a. Read the website root from publication metadata for instance http://yourwebsite

    b. assemble the page path by getting all parent Structure Groups of the page and combining then into a URL string e.g. http://yousite/sg1/sg2/currentnewletterpage.aspx

  3. Publish the newsletter page. Use Dynamic Linking API inside a proxy page to resolve a PageLink instead of ComponentLink. Pass the right URL parameters to that proxy page e.g. http://yoursite/system/pageresolver.aspx?PageUri=tcm:1-123-64 will redirect to the full url of the published newsletter page.

    The link can look like this in your newsletter Html:

    <a href="http://yoursite/system/pageresolver.aspx?PageUri=@@Page.Id@@"/>View in browser</a>
  4. Create a C# TBB to cleanup the page from any email specifics like merge fields [Name] [Email] etc... to make the page generic as mentioned in the original answer.

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