How to fetch the list of all the localized and locally created Components in a Folder for a particular Publication using core service?

Currently I am first fetching all the Components using the following code.

public static IEnumerable<XNode> GetFolderItems(string folderUri, ItemType itemType)
    OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData filter = new OrganizationalItemItemsFilterData();
    IEnumerable<XNode> folderItems = null;
    XElement folderData = null;
    filter.ItemTypes = new[] { ItemType.Component };
    filter.Recursive = true;
    folderData = Client.GetListXml(folderUri, filter);
    folderItems = folderData != null ? folderData.Nodes() : null;
    return folderItems;

After fetching the Folder Components, then for each Folder item I call the following method to fetch the localized/locally created status.

public static bool GetComponentLocalizedStatus(string componentUri)
    ComponentData componentdata;
    bool status = false;
    componentdata = Client.Read(componentUri, new ReadOptions()) as ComponentData;
    if (componentdata.BluePrintInfo.IsShared == false)
       status = true;
       status = false;
    return status;

This approach is not efficient. Is there a way to fetch the locally created/ localized Components present in a Folder in single go?

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Yes, there is; you can get the BluePrint state (IsLocalized/IsShared) included in the list data using filter.BaseColumns = ListBaseColumns.Extended

  • Thanks for your inputs Rick, they are quite useful. I have one query , is it possible to apply filter on "IsShared" property so that returned results are already filtered. May 6, 2015 at 8:01
  • No, it isn't, but you can easily do your own post-filtering using XPath or LINQ. May 6, 2015 at 20:05

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