I have a custom requirement where all my internal links ending with index.jsp should get resolved without "index.jsp" for example "http://example.com/test/index.jsp" should get resolved to "http://example.com/test/". Currently the internal component link code <a tridion:href="tcm:201-103039">test</a> gets published as <tridion:ComponentLink pageURI="tcm:201-104343-64" componentURI="tcm:201-103039" templateURI="tcm:0-0-0" addAnchor="false" linkText="test link" linkAttributes=" title="test page" textOnFail="true"/> and the page link only gets resolved during page load. How can we update the page url to remove "index.jsp" from page url ? Is there a way to resolve the page url during the publishing time ?

Please provide your inputs on this query.

  • use URL Rewrite feature in IIS Mar 14, 2016 at 12:38

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You have a few options here that I can see, and probably a few more that I won't mention.

(1) Application server URL rewrites (such as the IIS URL rewrite Pankaj mentioned). It's pretty powerful and will let you write all sorts of rules for this sort of thing.

(2) Write your own resolver tag. You can read a bit more of the specifics here (written by Will Price); but essentially you can write your own tag which behaves similarly to the OOTB tag, but with your own added logic. This might be overkill when you can use app-server rewrites, but it's good to know about if additional logic is ever required.

  • +1 for the resolver - sounds like the requirement is not to write the index.jsp to the page (possible some SEO or other) Mar 14, 2016 at 13:37
  • Thanks Josh for the resolver tag suggestion. This is actually what I was looking for. Using IIS URL rewrite is not an option because of SEO. We are currently using IIS URL rewrite. Mar 15, 2016 at 4:38

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