Without (direct) Page Linking, I believe Tridion Sites would never show items in the Used By Used In tab of the Where Used dialogue.

In other words, Pages can use other items but not vice versa.

Is this correct? Would there ever be a case where a Page is "used" in the Content Manager?

Edit: The tab is actually called Used In.

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The “Used By” tab in the Where Used dialogue shows other items with references to the current item, but also Local Copies of the current item.

So: yes, Pages can have items in their “Used By” tab.

  • Ah, I almost missed local copies. I'm starting to think all of our "viewers" are related. Oh and I realize the tab is really called Used In. I'm not sure if I've been saying it wrong all this time or if it was ever called Used By. Jul 7, 2018 at 7:50

Another case is if a Page is added to a Bundle.

enter image description here


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