I am working on a Sites 9 + DXA 2.1 box with the out-of-the-box example website. I noticed that the header and footer are not working. What could be amiss?


The header include page is published and available on the site at http://localhost:8852/system/include/header.html

enter image description here

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Indeed!, you missed to Installing the DXA Model Extension in content service.

Try the following steps to fix:

  1. Create the extensions folder in content service root.
    1. Copy the \dxa\cis\dxa-model-service-extension\udp-content-dxa-extension-assembly-11.0.0-1047-core.zip file to extensions folder
    2. UnInstall the Tridion SessionContent Service
    3. Re-install the service by this below command:

.\installService.ps1 --auto-register --plugin=./extensions/udp-content-dxa-extension-assembly-11.0.0-1047-core.zip

I hope it helps

  • If one needs to verify if the DXA model extension is installed: Look for a folder named something like plugins\udp-content-dxa-extension-assembly-11.0.0-1047-core inside the DXD content service (or session content service) installation directory.
    – Jan H
    Commented Jul 3, 2019 at 12:33

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