I need to retrieve components that have linked a keyword which an specific metadata value. As an entry we have the schema type, the field name and the keyword metadata value.

Is this possible with SDL Web 8.5 in a Java implementation? Is there any broker query that enables that with a good performance?

As an example. I want to retrieve Shop components that have the code IDSHOP: SEV-100 as metadata of the keyword.

Component Shop XYZ

  • ShopName: Shop XYZ

Category ShopName

  • Keyword Shop XYZ

  • Key ID100

  • KeywordMetadata IDSHOP: SEV-100

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As far as I know there is no way to look for keywords with a certain metadata field in the broker. What you normally do, is search for components (sometimes pages) by passing in the ID or title of a keyword.

However, there may be a work-around. You can use the TaxonomyFactory to retrieve all keywords in a category, including their metadata fields. You can do this once, when the application starts, and then store the keywords in a hash table using this particular metadata field as the key. To find all Shop components which are tagged with a keyword which has this a given value in its IDSHOP metadata field, you would need to do the following:

  • Find all the matching keywords in your hash table
  • Add a KeywordCriteria or CategorizationCriteria for each keyword
  • Combine all these criteria into an 'OrCriteria'
  • Execute the query.

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