Generally, If we do any changes in Component or Page. We can track in ViewHistory. But Is there a way we can get the complete log/trace for Every action being performed/ logged in CME with EventSystem or Anguilla Framework.

For example: Folder/Structuregroup/Publication Creation, or If any changes happen in user Permissions or users logged/performed some activity across a time period.

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There is no OOTB report anything but yes. It's possible to capture and build such a report using the event system.

All of those actions will trigger events in the backend. It would be relatively simple to write an event that captures it and writes it somewhere like a database and do the reporting tool.

Here's a good starting point: https://github.com/NunoLinhares/tridion-2011-reporting/tree/master/Tridion.Extensions.Reporting

AFAIK - Trivident they build a nice auditing reporting tool and presented in the user group meeting, it's commercial you can reach out for more details.

I hope it helps


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