I am trying to import the DXA 2.2 TBBs to Tridion Web 8.5 using cms-import.ps1 command which is returning the Core Service related error shown below:

Screenshot of errorenter image description here

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In Tridion Web 8.5, we have Core Service 2016 but the script is trying to find the 2017 version. Are there any changes in the script or configuration to make it work?

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AFAIK In the DXA 2.2+ the cms-import.ps1 has CoreService Contract Version check logic and automatically determines the correct version to pick up the correct import packages.

It doesn't need any configuration changes. not sure you are using the correct version of cms-import.ps1 install script from DXA 2.2+, or could be something that goes wrong in this below script version check.

Here is the code reference which is used in the cms-import.ps1 script for the version check:

function Is-Sites9 {
    # sites9 uses a contract version of 201701 (whereas web8 will use 201501)
    return (Get-CoreServiceContractVersion) -eq "201701"

function Get-CoreServiceContractVersion 
    Write-Verbose "Determining latest contract version supported by Core Service ..."

    foreach($v in "201701", "201501")
        if(Test-Url $cmsUrl "/webservices/CoreService$v.svc?wsdl")
            Write-Verbose "Core Service supports contract version $v"
            return $v

    throw "Unable to determine Core Service version using base URL '$cmsUrl'"

At least. I did a test today from this SDL.DXA.NET.2.2.9.zip in Tridion Sites 9.5 and confirm it was working fine, but didn't have a chance to test against in 8.5.

This is the command I did use in my environment which is HTTPS enabled.

.\cms-import.ps1 -importType all-publications -cmsUrl https://localhost/ -cmsUserName username -cmsUserPassword xxxxx -cmsAuth Basic
  • Thanks, Velmurugan Commented May 26, 2021 at 8:49

Thanks, Velmurugan for the help So It was trying to install the TBB in the publication which doesn't exist There should be some parameter to pass the publication name, so I renamed my site in CMS to 110 DXA Site Type and it started working fine.

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