We are performing Disaster recovery (DR) plan on Dev environment, firstly we have performed on CD Server, its worked fine and able to view the websites with newly created vm's & Databases.

same process we are applying on CM server, we are able to view CME but publishing fails due to below error messages, we have updated New Database details on CM & Topology manger web.config files. are we missed in any other place. please help me. Thanks in advance.

2023-08-30 12:41:55,118 ERROR [Thread-2] RetryBlock - Retry limit exceeded. com.sdl.odata.client.api.exception.ODataClientSocketException: Could not initiate connection to the endpoint.

2023-08-30 12:41:55,118 ERROR [Thread-2] TransportService - Unexpected error occurred. com.sdl.odata.client.api.exception.ODataClientRuntimeException: Retry limit exceeded.

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    Have you verified that your new VMs have enabled communications between them? From error it looks like your Transport service cannot contact discovery/deployer service(s). Open Topology Manager in CME and verify that you can list capabilities from CD environments. If that works then check logs on CD services. Commented Sep 4, 2023 at 9:45
  • Good catch Stefan, will validate and update my findings. Thanks
    – Ajay
    Commented Sep 4, 2023 at 12:38


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