May I know was there any apporach to setup different publishing scenario between two publications, for example from Publication A bulk (more no. of items) publishing is carried out and in Publication B only very few items are being published. In this case publishing activity in Publication A should not affect publishing in Publication B. Any suggestions on how it can be achieved.

Thanks in Advance.

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Out-of-box publishing sytem only picks item based on Priority(High,Normal,Low) so need some customizations for your requirement.

Please check following post from Chris for this specific topic



The BB article referenced by @Raj should answer your question (assuming you have multiple publishers).

If you are limited to one publisher, you might consider creating two Publication Targets (Target A and Target B). You would set the Priority for Target A to Normal (or possibly Low), and Target B to High. This way Publication B items will never get stuck in the Publication Q behind A items for very long.

It is not the perfect solution, but should solve your problem if you only have a single publisher.

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