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2 answers

How can I remove the single sign-on setting in the Tridion MMC

I used SSO in the past and now no longer wish to use it, how can I remove the SSO value from the UserName Qualifier in the MMC? I just need to set it to a blank, but the MMC always wants you to set ...
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4 votes
2 answers

MMC snapin console not working

We observed that MMC snapin console is not working on either of our environments. The problem is that if we change timeouts on database connections, it will not change config file. So, when we need ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to set "hide organizational items if no access to content"?

How do we set "Hide organizational items if no access to content" in the MMC Snap-in? I couldn't get the setting to work when doing the following: Specific group does not have read to folder “System”...
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8 votes
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filtering publisher traffic (outscale publisher) fails

We're trying to set up publisher (rendering/deploying) filtering in the Tridion MMC. When we set up multiple publication targets in the filtering, we get following error upon restart of the publisher ...
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