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Does Sdl.Web.Delivery work with ASP.NET Core?

I am trying to build a web site on ASP.NET Core (formerly known as MVC 6) on .NET Framework 4.7. This should work according to Microsoft (
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Model for a component link with any schema

How to write a model in DXA JAVA for a schema having component link? The component link is generic and not based on any particular schema. Can this be achieved? Adding some more details: I have to ...
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How is schema linked to a Model in DXA+Java MVP Implementation?

I am new to java and was trying to write a model for a schema. I want to understand how a schema is linked with the model. For e.g. I have schema with below details: heading (Text Field) - Single ...
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How to assign same priority(or order) to regions on a page?

We need to use two regions on our article pages. The article page has a 2-column layout. On the LHS column we have different kind of content. The main type of content on LHS for example are: ...
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Schema with a component link with the same schema mapping problem

I am a young tridion developer with not much experience. I am using Tridion 2013sp1 and creating a new MVC web application in C#. I would like to create a menu in which each element could be a '...
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"OutputStream is not available when a custom TextWriter is used" error when returning FileStreamResult through a view with @Html.DxaEntities()

I have a controller action which should return a FileStreamResult. This action is triggered by a button click on a "Downloads" page. public class SoftwareUpdatesDownloadController : BaseController ...
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DXA Custom Controller Issue (Routing)

I am trying to create a custom controller for a taxonomy keywords navigation module in DXA1.4 .Net; however, I always hit the same error: The controller for path '/taxonomy/test' was not found or ...
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Using Ajax to submit a form and returning a confirmation page

I am trying to submit a form through an ajax process : @using (Ajax.BeginForm("SendEmail", "Form", new AjaxOptions { UpdateTargetId = "replace", InsertionMode = ...
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Attempt at ASP.NET MVC App SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 1.3 Error

Attempting to to set up a new ASP.NET MVC application for custom development of DXA site on the POC instance using the following URL: Stack Trace: [ConfigurationException: <JavaException> &...
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Can we add our own custom Controllers in Spring MVC application which is using TRIDION

I am pretty new to Tridion so my question may be basic but I have not found an answer yet. I have a Tridion based Spring MVC project which is working fine and fetching content from SDL Tridion . ...
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DXA Model Source Code

Recently I am using DXA and I want to customize some templates. There are source codes of views on presentation server. Instead of creating new models, I want to do some changes on existing ones. ...
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SDL Web8 with DXA 1.6: Unable to use multiple publications in CMS that will server the pages and content for a single web application hosted on IIS

I am using SDL Web 8 with DXA1.6 framework to create MVC Webapplication. As per DXA reference implementation guide it ask to create mapping using Toplogy Manager cmdlet. This step forces to have 1 to ...
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DD4T Template in SDL Web 8.5 Page Returning Null Value

SDL Web 8.5 Using DD4T Template Publishing to broker DB its working fine. URL and Page Content exist in relavant tables. By the timing we published into HTML file. Visual studio 2015 we created ...
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DD4T 2: binding viewModel with not using the rootElementName in .net

Inside Tridion 2013-SP1 with DD4T template 2.0.8 All our schema's Root element name are the same (e.g. schema Content has a root element of "Content" and schema Accordion List has a root element of "...
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Change the default page of the DXA application to my custom home page DXA Java 1.5

We need to change the default page for the DXA application to load the following URL http://localhost:9081/ -----> http://localhost:9081/index.jsp http://localhost:9081/admin/refresh -----> http://...
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STRI search module for search in DXA

I need the source code for STRI search module for implementing search in DXA Tridion. I want to read the metadata values in while searching .Any way to do that or any out of box code.
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