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I can imagine you get confused by the example in the documentation; it looks rather dubious indeed. For a real-life, working and tested example see:


DXA indeed offers out-of-the box support for Navigation based on Taxonomies and has a KeywordModel for mapping a Keyword field to a View Model. For all other Taxonomy-related functionality, you should indeed use the applicable CD APIs. That is: CIL for 8.x or PCA for 9.x.


It seems that my surmise about the @RequestMapping for the class was correct. For the method mapping, "DoStuff" doesn't seem to make any sense at all. I now have an implementation where handleGetEntity gets called. The signature looks like this: @RequestMapping(value = "Entity" + "/{entityId}") public String handleGetEntity(...


In general, CD Linking generates absolute URLs if you define Publication mappings in cd_link_conf.xml. If you prefer server-relative URLs (which is often the case), you should not define any Publication elements in cd_link_conf.xml (Maybe it also works if you do define Publication elements, but no Host elements; never tried that). Regarding ComponentAnchors=...

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