I'd like to suggest to my technical team (DD4T Java) a DD4T version of In-page Component Presentation-based Navigation. In other words, we want to create something like the following.

  <li><a href="#CP1"></li>
  <li><a href="#CPN"></li>

On the same page we have the Component Presentations (CPs):

<div id="CP1">...</div>
<div id="CPN">...</div>

Bookmark link and matching ID might be based on order, title, or "heading" fields. This is not Structure-Group based Navigation as mentioned in Robert's question.

This seems equivalent to one of Harold's answers, that includes:

  • "Widget" -- New Component Template (and maybe dummy Component) to output the details
  • Matching DD4T ComponentPresentationRenderer calls the action to output navigation

At a high-level, what should my developer work on to get the Component titles (or select fields) from the CPs on a given page?

  • Would a view for each link make sense?
  • Should the bookmark link markup go in the page view?


  • The navigational links are not on every page. They would be added to a page via Page metadata (include bookmark nav option or with a "Widget" CP that editors place on the page)
  • The markup would ideally be the same, but may differ by pages (abstracting the links would be a good idea)
  • Pages embed CPs dynamically (on the page, but with dynamic Component Templates)

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Would go for a custom page template;

In here you create for the location of the navigation

<c:forEach var="componentPresentation" items="${pageModel.componentPresentations}">
<li><a href="#${componentPresentation.component.title}>${componentPresentation.component.title}</a></li>

(for the spaces you can create a custom function)

And on the content location where the components come you keep the normal repeat of component presentations;

<dd4t:componentpresentations />

Make sure the componentPresentations have some kind of identifier that matches the ankers in the top navigation.

Hope this answers you question or a direction;

  • A Page Template works. For identifiers, we could use something from the Component and Template and maybe the position just in case of duplicates. Jul 17, 2015 at 17:11

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