Is there any way to confirm if a workflow started using core service api from my console application is completed or still any activity left? I am unable to find it because :

1. procesinstancedata become processhistorydata. Hence the processinstancedata tcm id which I had when I started the workflow become invalid and read operation throw error.

2. Number of activities are different for different workflows hence can not go for loop in activities.

3. I am using StartWorkFlowAsync method so that I can start workflow in asynchronously however I don't see any event in core api to subscribe for completion of workflow event i.e. when process instance become process history.

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As you start workflow yourself and you have control over the StartWorkflowInstructionData you can set ProcessInstanceTitle or ActivityTitle properties to unique values. You can then get list of process histories and see if the process history with this title and / or first activity title is present.

Alternatively you could create event handler which will be triggered on ProcessHistory create.


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