I'm wondering is there a setting available in CM to configure default landing page of CM as "Content Explorer" after login?

At the moment, I have explored setting "Start Location" option as per following document http://docs.sdl.com/LiveContent/content/en-US/SDL%20Tridion%20full%20documentation-v1/GUID-04BAA436-A880-4CD0-9FD2-AA3EE75E8ACE, but this sets start location only within Content Explorer. I can directly open the “Content Explorer” page, if I hit/login with the following url: http://<CMserver>/SDL/#app=wcm&entry=cme, however I'm looking for the configuration change.

Appreciate your inputs!


As you say, if you just browse to the root of the application (e.g. http://<CMserver>/) then this will load the 'Home' screen and update the URL to the following: http://<CMserver>/SDL/#app=wcm&entry=home

It appears that this default behaviour is 'under the hood' and cannot be updated without editing the core Tridion files - Thus invalidating your support agreement with SDL.

Screenshot of JavaScript code defining what the home location is

Other options that you may want to consider, could include:

  1. Distribute the full Content Explorer URL (http://<CMserver>/SDL/#app=wcm&entry=cme) to editors, so that they go directly to this option where possible. They can also bookmark this URL in their browsers.
  2. Use a URL shortening tool (such as bitly or Goo.gl) to create a shortened URL that redirects to the Content Explorer (http://<CMserver>/SDL/#app=wcm&entry=cme)
  3. Intercept requests to the root URL (http://<CMserver>/) at the load balancer (if you're using one) and rewrite these to go to the Content Explorer URL
  4. Writing a GUI extension to recognise requests to the root/home URL and rewrite them to go to the Content Explorer URL (http://<CMserver>/SDL/#app=wcm&entry=cme) - I have not tried this to see whether it's actually possible!
  5. Encourage each of your users to make the root of the Content Explorer a favourite. Although this still requires an extra click, it makes it easier for your editors to find the main CME interface from the 'Home' screen.

Screenshot of Home favourites


Earlier versions had a view settings on the old dashboard, which has since been replaced by the Slide-out Navigation Home Screen and user preferences.

These settings were influenced by user AppData and the CME.config (see this StackExchange question). I'm not sure they still apply for 2013 SP1 (possibly not), but note changing them is not supported. This means if making a change to CME.config breaks the system, Support can't help you fix it.

In practice, I know organizations may take calculated chances and modify the non-supported parts of configuration files (always make a backup and test on DEV).

Product wise we are looking to improve the editor's experience--I'll mention this to UX, but it maybe be awhile before something like this is in the product.

For now, I'd have editors bookmark that starting URL, maybe make a links to it, or have them select it when browsers suggest urls.

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