I am trying to setup an application that will allow management of Topology through a Web API to allow the automated creation and mapping of publications.

I can manually use the topology commands through Powershell but want to achieve the same through a .Net API.

Powershell commands are working on this environment and am able to do the equivalent calls I am attempting in the code

Tridion.TopologyManager.Client is the .dll that allows communication to the client and is used by the Powershell commands.

What I am unsure of is the endpoint that this should be connecting to.

There is the SDL Web Topology Manager site setup in out Dev environment on port 81 (http://localhost:81)

When I use this as the base I am getting errors that the client cant connect. This is the error I am getting when attempting to list Websites.

An error occurred while processing this request.
   at Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceRequest.Execute[TElement](DataServiceContext context, QueryComponents queryComponents)
   at Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceQuery`1.Execute()
   at Microsoft.OData.Client.DataServiceQuery`1.GetEnumerator()
   at SJP.Tridion.QualificationImport.TopologyService.GetMapping()
   at SJP.Tridion.QualificationImport.Program.TopologySetup()

When attemptint o create website or mapping the client is not throwing any errors but not making any ammends to the topology.

_client.AddToWebsites(new WebsiteData()
    Id = websiteId,
    CdEnvironmentId = cdEnvironmentId,
    BaseUrls = baseUrls

I am able to use the http://localhost:81/ttmhealth/check which is returning a 200 OK response.

Wondering if anyone has had any success in using this client. And specifically what the expected endpoint should be.

Example Code setting up the client

var url = "http://localhost:81"    
var serviceUrl = new System.Uri(url);
_client = new TopologyManagerClient(serviceUrl);

Tridion Version

  • SDL Web Content Manager Build 9.0.0
  • SDL Web Content Manager Explorer - Build
  • SDL Web Experience Manager - Build
  • Update Version - 0


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The easiest way to find out the endpoint URL is to check the Windows environment variable on the CM server using the following PowerShell command: get-item env:tridion_ttm_serviceurl

This should give a value such as: http://localhost:81/ttm201601

Here's some code that I used recently on my Tridion Sites 8.5 environment for getting the Client:

TopologyManagerClient ttm = new TopologyManagerClient(new Uri("http://localhost:81/ttm201601"))
    Credentials = new NetworkCredential("Administrator", "my-password")

List<CmEnvironmentData> cmEnvs = ttm.CmEnvironments.ToList()

I took a lot of inspiration for my script from Nuno's code here: https://github.com/NunoLinhares/Exploring-Topology-Manager/blob/master/ExploreTopMan/ExploreTopMan/Program.cs

  • I did a bit of digging to see where the 'ttm201601' part of the endpoint came from and it appears that this is a configuration setting within Tridion.TopologyManager.Service.dll. If you're using Tridion 8.1 then this is ttm201501. I've not got the Tridion Sites 9+ DLLs to hand to check those. I don't think that this is a supported API though, so things may need to change if you upgrade Tridion. Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 13:21
  • Actually, the Topology Manager (OData) API is considered (semi-)public. That is why it’s versioned (i.e. there is a version number in the URL). Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 14:27
  • That’s good to know, Rick. Is it documented anywhere? Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 14:30
  • 1
    Thanks Jonathan, Exactly the information that I needed. All working as it should now. Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 14:57
  • Excellent. Glad you managed to get it sorted 👍 Commented Mar 20, 2020 at 19:14

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