Can you explain the steps to create a Visual Studio solution for the Example DXA Core website.

It should contain projects:

Purpose explore with debugger.

What I did:

  • added above repo's to my solution, changed web.config (discovery url and secret).

"Failed with load configuration file: ..\Site\bin\config\cd_ambient_conf.xml".

What should here content of this file. Empty? It's better to have steps for best practice of this.

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DXA 2.2 .NET + Core and Search Module Solution build/configuration

  1. Download the following OOTB sources and modules from GitHub: https://github.com/sdl/dxa-web-application-dotnet/tree/release/2.2 https://github.com/sdl/dxa-modules/tree/release/2.2
  2. Extract both sources zip and Go to dxa-modules-release-2.2\webapp-net this folder and copy Core and Search folder modules and also DxaModulesCommon.Props file
  3. Go to dxa-web-application-dotnet-release-2.2 folder and paste those folders and DxaModulesCommon.Props file here
  4. Open the DxaFramework.sln and click ok to ignore the unsupported Sdl.Web.Documentation project error message
  5. Right-click DxaFramework solution to add the following existing projects
  • Core\Sdl.Web.Modules.Core.csproj
  • Search\Sdl.Web.Modules.Search.csproj
  • Search\SI4T.Query.CloudSearch\SI4T.Query.CloudSearch.csproj
  1. Go to Sdl.Web.Site project references and then right-click and add reference and then click left side Projects and select the following projects
  • Sdl.Web.Modules.Core
  • Sdl.Web.Modules.Search
  • SI4T.Query.CloudSearch
  1. Right-click Sdl.Web.Modules.Core project and build
  2. Once successful build – expand the Sdl.Web.Modules.Core project and copy the Areas folder and go to Sdl.Web.Site project paste it in the root folder.
  3. Right-click Sdl.Web.Modules.Search project and build
  4. Once successful build – expand the Sdl.Web.Modules.Search project and copy the Areas folder and go to Sdl.Web.Site project pastes it in the root folder.
  5. Go to SDL.Web.Site and open web.config update the following configs sections
 In the appSettings section Update the **Web.config** to change the default module to Core 
 <add key="default-module" value="Core" /> 
 Also update the following configs to as per your cusotomer environment.    
 <add key="discovery-service-uri" value="http://localhost:8082/discovery.svc"/> 
 <add key="oauth-client-secret" value="xxxx" />
  1. Update the existing Unity Configuration type as follows, It's applicable only to sites 9.0+
<type type="ILocalizationResolver" mapTo="GraphQLLocalizationResolver">
  <lifetime type="singleton" />
<type type="IModelServiceProvider" mapTo="GraphQLModelServiceProvider">
  <lifetime type="singleton" />
<type type="IContentProvider" mapTo="GraphQLContentProvider">
  <lifetime type="singleton" />
<type type="ILinkResolver" mapTo="GraphQLLinkResolver">
  <lifetime type="singleton" />
<type type="IBinaryProvider" mapTo="GraphQLBinaryProvider">
  <lifetime type="singleton" />
  1. Copy cd_ambient_conf.xml config to keep in the website bin\config folder (File can be copied from SDL Tridion Sites Installation Media \Content Delivery\roles\api\rest\dotnet\config\cd_ambient_conf.xml)

  2. Installing the Search module in the web application Open Unity.config to update to add the following config sections Add UnityDeclaration:

<assembly name="Sdl.Web.Modules.Search" /> 
<namespace name="Sdl.Web.Modules.Search.Providers" />

Set UnityTypeMapping:
<type type="ISearchProvider" mapTo="IQSearchProvider" />

Update web.config to add elastic index name
<add key="iq-search-index" value="udp-index" />

Note: In order to use GraphQLContentProvider, mandatory to Install the DXA Model Extension for Model support – Tridion Sites 9.0+

Install the DXA Model Extension in Content Service, Download the DXA model extension file and extract from \SDL DXA .NET 2.2\cis\udp-content-dxa-extension\udp-content-dxa-extension-assembly-11.0.0-1077-core.zip

How to install the DXA Model Service extension

I hope it helps

  • Example works! Thanks. I did'nt install step 14. if needed we can do it later. It all runs on .NET 4.6.2. We use sites 9 and .NET 47.2 is advised here. What is your advise about .NET version for deploy for a new webapplication ? Commented Oct 30, 2020 at 13:44
  • Good to know it helped, the link you have provided Content Manager prerequisites .NET version, The DXA Framework built against .NET 4.6.2, but you can use them in a .NET 4.7.2 (or even 4.8) Web App too. please accept the answer :-)
    – Velmurugan
    Commented Oct 30, 2020 at 13:59

This issue is faced by other people including me while setting up DXA web application. Details on how to fix this issue can be found at https://github.com/sdl/dxa-web-application-dotnet/issues/33 . Please check that , I hope it would resolve the issue.

  • It's placed on "DXA 1.6 Retired"? The documentation is now not a quick start for my approach. Maybe it can be improved here SDL DXA > SDL Digital Experience Accelerator 2.2 > DXA module reference > DXA Core module Commented Oct 30, 2020 at 9:42

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