I am trying to create/send an Outbound-Email mailing after I register a contact via a Contact Us page, I am checking the API and documentation but I cannot find a sample or documentation about how to accomplish it.

Is there any Event System that probably I can use when a Contact is synchronized?

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I think what you are looking for is triggered mailings (requires login).

To send a single mail to the new Contact, you can specify a notification Page URI in the contact.Save call like this:

string notificationPageUri = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Subscribe.NotificationPageUri"];
contact.Save(notificationPageUri ?? String.Empty);

But a triggered mailing is specifically for generic situations like Contact registration or performing an action (like clicking a link).

There are no events that run on creation of Contacts, so there is nothing you can hook into that way. I once tried a hack by using a TBB in the confirmation email Page Template, but if I remember correctly, that is rendered only when it is tested and the rendered result is used for the mail, so it didn't even work.

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