I've just installed the content deployer portion of the SmartTarget 2013 installation and found that my content is being deployed with the incorrect .net user control tag:

<smarttarget:ComponentPresentation ...  />

instead of

<tridion:ComponentPresentation ... />

Having checked the output of the .aspx file this is happening during the tcdl resolving stage of deployment and definitely not something incorrectly output from the result of modular templating.

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This problem can be resolved by simply checking the cd_deployer_conf.xml file within the deploying application, the incorrect property

  <property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="smarttarget" /> 

Should become:

  <property Name="aspnet.tagprefix" Value="tridion" /> 

Note: The incorrect Value attribute of "smarttarget"

Once you've saved the file, restart the deployer application and republish a page to check the correct output is produced.

Thanks to Nuno Linhares for the help resolving this one :)

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