If a user uploads a binary item to a multimedia schema in Tridion is there a limit on the size of the file that may be selected?

  • As an implementation choice, some event system code can limit upload size and even give authors feedback. See an "semantic" multimedia example from @DominicCronin. I'm also a fan of basic Custom URLs and Custom Pages to guide authors on what's reasonable for a given content type, since it depends on the setup as Nuno explains. Nov 25, 2013 at 22:29

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There are some limits...

  • WebDav limits uploads (by default) to 4 MB (see the documentation for details on how to change this).
  • IIS may block by default uploads of files over 30MB (not sure if this still applies, can't find references in the documentation).
  • HTTPUpload will (again, by default) limit upload sizes to 10MB for publishing packages.

All these values can be modified, Tridion itself doesn't have a "hard" limit to file sizes, but you should know that large files have an impact on the underlying infrastructure (network, deployers, databases).


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