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Complimenting Marko's answer on the Event System, you could also look at extending Tridion CM search to store such information within the SOLR index as well. This way you can leverage existing infra and benefit from SOLR's powerful querying which can be executed via Core Service. See Arjen's post:


Another option, which might be a better one regarding performance would be to create Event System that would for each successful transaction send Transaction data to some custom storage (to some DB, or service). Then you can query that service periodically. It would give you flexibility where you would not check all items in Tridion for their publish info, ...


Each item has publish info. You can use: PublishInfoData[] publishInfoData = CoreServiceConnector.Client.GetListPublishInfo(item); PublishInfoData class has the property PublishedAt, so you can filter there all for the last 24 hours. So you can list every item in Tridion, get its published info, and then see if it was published somewhere in the last 24 ...

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