Issue: When I copy and paste a bundle and change the Bundle Type (to a schema that uses some of the same metadata field names), the GUI reports that the metadata is not correct.


2 Bundles. 2 Bundle Types:

  • BundleType_X
  • BundleType_Y

BundleType_Y has 2 metadata fields

  • test1
  • test2

BundleType_X has 2 metadata fields

  • test1
  • test3

Create a Bundle on BundleType_X and popualted test1

Copy and pasted Bundle opened, seems OK

Update Title and receive an error (see below) informing me the metadata is in error; visual review shows the metadata is present and seemingly correct.

I need to update the metadata (add space and remove space is fine) for the Bundle to save!

Is this expected / explainable?

enter image description here

Additional Info / example:

Further to this I also wrote out the Bundle.Metadata using the core service and it appears fine in there too - is this a GUI bug perhaps?

As the image below shows, the third item, copied and pasted - returns (via the core service request) the populated and seemingly correct metadata XML.

enter image description here

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I can't see any evidence to the contrary of this being a GUI bug. It's not something that's a show-stopper for us and we have educated users of the 'tweak' to force the GUI 'update' to the metadata items in the edge cases that arise.

It's something that we don't feel warrants the implementation of another hotfix unless it's observed in Web8 when we upgrade.

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