I'll upgrade Tridoin 2013 to Web8.5. Also I'll use RESTful Broker API. Tridion templates generate Java Tag library, for instance <ComponentLink> when publishing. On Tridoin 2013, such Tag Library's definition is described in cd_tags.tld. When using SDL Web8.5 RESTful Broker API, cd_tags.tld cannot be used because the class name has been modified.

I found content-tags.tld in the following folder of installation media.

Content Delivery\resources\taglib\META-INF

Can content-tags.tld be used instead of cd_tags.tld on RESTful Broker API?


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For the REST api you have to use the taglib content-tags.tld. You need to include the files in Content Delivery\roles\api\rest\java\lib in your web application's WEB-INF/lib folder. The classes that implement these tags are in content-tags-*.jar.

For the in-process api, you must use cd_tags.tld. Copy the libs from Content Delivery\roles\api\in-process\java\lib. The classes that implement the tags can be found in cd_dynamic-*.jar.

I can see why this question went unanswered for months. If SDL has documented this, I for one couldn't find it.

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