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Questions tagged [experience-optimization]

Experience Optimization integrates SDL Web with SDL Fredhopper so that you can create and manage targeted content for SDL Web-driven Web sites. Experience Optimization is formerly known as SmartTarget module.

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5 votes
1 answer

Error while starting Smart Target kettle job in Fredhopper with Experience Optimization

I am implementing Experience Optimization in WEB 8, with Fredhopper version I configured fredhopper as per SDL document and configured the micro services and registered those in the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Error while implementing Experience Optimization in Content Service in Content Delivery

I am installing Experience optimization in Content delivery using this link . But while configuring the Session Content Service, I am getting the following error. Content Service Error:: 2016-09-07 ...
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6 votes
1 answer

XO Promotion with Keyword Trigger not rendering in page

I have SDL Web 8.1.1 with Experience Optimization 8.1.1 and on the Presentation Side DXA version 1.7. I have created a promotion that is to be Triggered when City Keyword Location contains "Chicago"....
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2 votes
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Experience Optimization with web 8.5 not able find Processors tag

I am following the below document Adding Experience Optimization to Content Deployer but, I am not able to find the processors tag, as we have new deployer-conf, can I create this tag and place ...
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2 votes
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Promotion not getting displayed on webpage using Experience Optimization module for DXA 1.6

I am using the steps mentioned in DXA XO implementation guide to display the promotion on the webpage. I have installed the DXA XO module in cms and website: 1)I am using XO Region Name="Example1" ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Installing Experience Optimization on Fredhopper - indexer is not starting

fredhopper version: fredhopper-8.1-revision-1 Installed Experience Optimization on Fredhopper as per the document steps and then provided full permission to fredhopper folder for admin user. ...
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