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SDL Tridion inline-editing interface (previously: SiteEdit). Rename to Experience Manager is due to the added capabilities for mobile device preview, footprint editing and Fredhopper integration.

Experience Manager brings a number of new features to SDL Tridion powered websites, like:

  • Session Preview: this feature lets users see and preserve their modifications for the duration of a session, without having to republish content from the Content Manager (the 'publish cycle'). Only when the user commits the modifications, an actual republish occurs, and the modifications become visible to other users and visitors.

  • Content Library: A Library panel was created that slides in from the left whenever you want to select, insert or create content. The Library support drag-and-drop interaction both from the Library to the Web page and from an external application into the Library (to upload new content).

  • Property boxes: All items on the Web page have a property box that shows the properties of the item in question, such as its last moment of modification, its Workflow state, the identity of its creator and so on. Moreover, the property box offers users easy access to the item's metadata, for editing.

  • Integrated interface with : A ribbon toolbar replaces the SiteEdit menu to ensure consistency with Content Manager Explorer.

  • Dashboard: A dashboard tab lets you configure the product without having to use configuration files.

  • Improved Message center: The message center is now aligned with that of Content Manager Explorer, and no longer shows errors or warnings out of context.