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Adding custom instructions

Short answer: it is the preferred way, yes. Longer answer: For unpublish you can only use the ITransportHandler. For publish you can use both the RenderedItem.AddInstruction and ITransportHandler, ...
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YouTube Connector Tridion Integration Framework

AFAIK - still old ELC provider supported in the same way as before. I'm not sure youtube connector available based on new Tridion Integration Framework. For your reference, @Niclas created a nice ...
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External integration with DAM (OTMM)

This question is quite broad, and not very clear. It's not entirely clear what you are trying to do. However, the most obvious way to integrate an external system in your Tridion environment is by ...
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Integration of Oracle product hub and Sales force with web 8

For Integrating Salesforce with Web8, you may try following blogs (and corresponding community framework)
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Updating external metadata of an ECL item

I ended up with adding Metdata Schema to the newly created ECL Stub Schema. I am using the Metadata Schema to relate an alternate text information to ECL item. Its getting stored in Tridion and not in ...
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