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4 votes

Webdav url format in SDL Web 8.5

I don't think anything specific to Webbdav url is changed in Web 8.5. Probably underlying framework is handling url encoding a bit differently. If you do Url decoding of both Webbdav paths, you would ...
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3 votes

Dimensions of an Image - WebDav?

I would suggest writing an event handler that captures the dimensions when the component is saved. You can choose to put this in a metadata field (if it makes sense to have the data visible to, or ...
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2 votes

Unable to read TCM uri from web Dav

By simply looking at the code I have a gut feeling that the itemWebdavOrTcmUri is your issue, cause if it really can be an Item Webdav Url OR a TcmUri, you need to know which it is. TcmUri.IsValidUri(...
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1 vote

Webdav url format in SDL Web 8.5

Yes. I see these encoded in my test system also. From what I understand of WebDAV, encoding these shouldn't cause an issue. I presume both values function the same? UPDATE: I understand that ...
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1 vote

Tridion CMS 401 unauthorized exception | Accessing the CMS via a proxy

Please refer to this loopback link.
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