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Issue with Restful api and jsp tags: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ComponentPresentationHandler

We figured out that it had to do with the way that WebSphere compiles .jsp files and stores them as byte code. From my understanding WebSphere does not store a reference to the include files in the ...
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Efficient approach to get Component Presentation objects as array of JSON objects in Java (non-MVC)

Why do you say that the ComponentPresentationFactory is not good enough, what difficulty did you encounter? I'm guessing the "conditions" part, so my answer will be towards that. To achieve what you ...
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How to expose a service to get the content of a component?

You could put a .Net WebService like WebApi 2 or ServiceStack in front of a Core Service app to get the Component XML. Also, note that the native CoreService xml methods do not expose the Component ...
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